pyDICOS announcement

Great news! Auxilia is delighted to announce the release of the first Python implementation 🐍 of the DICOS (Digital Imaging and Communication in Security) interface!

Just as DICOM revolutionized the field of medicine 🩻 DICOS aims to do the same for the safety industry 👮. It is a standardized platform for the exchange and management of security image data. The standard is defined by NEMA and implemented by Stratovan in collaboration with TSA.

Our library is a python wrapper of Stratovan's C++ implementation using pybind11.

At the heart of any data-driven field, including safety, is the need for efficient data manipulation and suitable 🛠️ tools for analysis. Our library fills a crucial gap, providing developers with the building blocks needed to exploit DICOS data in Python.

pyDICOS concept diagram
pyDICOS concept diagram

The way is open for :

Feel free to check out our github and send us your feedback, suggestions and even implementations!

Louis Combaldieu