Inventing our product with Leonardo da Vinci

We are pleased to have been selected by Léonard, Vinci's start-up accelerator, to follow the Seed programme and launch our product within the group. 

This prestigious partnership will help us to understand and conquer our market more quickly and will give us the resources and valuable advice to get off the ground. 

Building our product alongside our customers within the Vinci Group

Our artificial intelligence SaaS software that automatically detects weapons on X-ray images drastically increases security and can speed up the flow of sensitive operators like airports. That's why we're excited to start supporting Vinci Airports and their security needs. 

Welcoming Vinci as an investor

Vinci is honoured to join our first investors in the pre-seed phase. The financial commitment of one of our most important customers, even though our product is not yet finished, is a clear and encouraging signal that demonstrates the potential of our solution. With Vinci as our guide, we will continue to listen to our users and focus on developing our AI to create maximum value. 

Growing up in a thriving community

Leonard gives us the opportunity to talk to other innovative entrepreneurs about the challenges we face and we believe this will be one of the keys to our success. 

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