AUXILIA won a competition to be assisted by the law firm August Debouzy

We are proud to have won the Start You Up competition and to benefit from the legal support of August Debouzy for 1 year. 

Mr. Boris Léone-Robin is pleased to be our mentor and has already provided invaluable advice in making the right decisions to structure our team. 

Building a start-up is a journey in which it is important to be surrounded by the best team members

Especially for our market where our mission is to improve the safety of the public and the most sensitive operators. 

As the safety of our citizens depends on the operations of our clients, meticulous regulation is directly linked to our business. That's why compliance is one of our priorities and we want to make sure it's handled by the best experts. 

Moreover, the extensive experience of August Debouzy's lawyers will ensure the protection of our R&D advances in the highly competitive artificial intelligence sector. 

Finally, all our investors can join us with complete peace of mind thanks to an appropriate legal framework. 

Integrate a selective network of innovative start-ups

This strategic partnership allows us to exchange with the founders of start-ups, some of whom share similar problems in the field of deep learning. 

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